Keeping your Zen …that’s how you win…Dance through the Holidays

8 11 2012

ImageI feel amazing….I am psychedfor the holidays, traveling, belly dancing and playing with my friends and family….I LITERALLY FEEL ENERGIZED HEALTH through each cell….Ba-bye cancer…..hello dance, loving my honey and traveling to new adventures…going to Phoenix this weekend , next weekI start our Belly Dance with Nacheska into the holidays series…super  run way to play every day and let the speciql holiday “feelings” envelope us in love and warmth…check these classs workshops out

Week ofNovember 11thFeatured class workshop is

thankful Taqsim-From the smell of cinnamon in a morning drink  to the chill in th eair that blows the joyous holidays to us ,this class/workshop will be a welcoming mix of belly yoga styledtretches and the  graceful moves of middle eastern dance taqsimto put our minds and bodiesi nto  a joyful welcoming of the season; offerings of this  classwill be November 13th Tuesday morning at 9:30, November 13th Tuesday at 7:00. Satrday morning17th of November at 9;30 am…location 280 Sports building studio…limited space soRSVP today via email or call

Week of Novemer18th Shimmy into the Holidays  OK, admit it,we are thinking parties, events, galas and goodies…so this shimmy class will work off the treats before they settle anywhere…a hour of shimmy syles and combos…really great fun to get you stronger and leaner to upbeat drum rhythms… Dates and times: Monday the 18th of November 7:00, Tuesday a.m.the 19th at 9:30…bring your water  bottle0)  RSVP817.798.7185 Read the rest of this entry »

Cancer I will not dance with you even if I know your name…Chapter two

21 02 2012

So December was a month of fun holiday events but there was this odd feeling and rushing in my head so when January 2012 came, I called Dr. Chaudhari’s office and they said he would call back…oops….that did not happen and a week later, I called his answering service to ask the real question “how do I get a very busy doc to see me”….their magic answer worked  ” go to the ER and he will come”….woo hoo it worked and in the meanwhile, a very compassionate hospitalist (kewl name for the doc they assign to you when you walk in) said words the made me cry for the first time in this odd experience “let’s find out what wrong with you…..”  I was totally on board with that and after an MRI it was found that I had a tumor (later called gliosarcoma)  and Dr. Chaudhari came in and removed most of that sucker…..but tumors are evil and they leave evil cancer cells so now the fight begins….redheaded dancer against gliosarcoma…..stay tuned for more episodes….

nacheska and keka

nacheska and her honey who helps her fight

Cancer I will not dance with you….chapter one

21 02 2012

On Saturday August 13th,2011 we had a busy day at my Costume Shoppe….Luaus, Disco parties and just plain end of the summer fun. After I closed I went to a oddly fun play with my husband “Jeckll and Hyde” set in a coffee shoppe wherein the barrista made concoctions that turned his personality from light to dark (no coffee pun intened…hee, hee) It was cute. We returned home and shortly after falling asleep I experienced the WORST pain in my head and had to get up to throw up and be sick, sick, sick….ok, ladies…this was labor pain quality, just to give you a heads up. I woke my honey (my husband) and told him I needed to go to the emergency room and I was not making any weird joke. He was great and asked if he should call 911. I did not want to deal with waiting for an ambulance so he took me to our local Baylor. They did a CAT scan on my head, saw my brain was bleeding but they had no neurologist at 3 a.m. (go figure) but they found that Harris hospital did….so off I was sent, totally out of it, in a careflight ambulance to Harris Hospital downtown Ft. Worth. Into surgery I went under the care of their neurologist on call Dr. Alok M. Chaudhari and boy was that a blessing. This young doc really knows his stuff…he removed a small clot …..I was kept under (sleeping with drug help) until Thursday but once I woke up ….kaboom….I was shocked to know what day it was…..get me out of here…..they have the greatest sgns in the rooms at Harris….they say “my goal today is: Of course my goal was to get out and start my life again….belly dance, hula, teaching and creating… I had all external stuff removed…ports catheters and starting walking….not so bad…..then boom Thursday to a regular room and Friday I was released on good behavior and health…..I felt pretty darn good after that except for the removal of half my hair (necessary to do brain surgery) and the loss of my eyelash extensions (hey I am a girl….I still want to be pretty) The rest of my hair covered the bald half of my head (whew) and so I proceeded to go on with my life.I taught belly dance the morning after my hospital release and felt sane, normal and ecstatic.  On the medical front,  I saw Dr. Chaudhari again a week later for a follow up MRI which showed I was ok and the clot did not show cancer…..and so my life continued …..until I started hearing the oddest sounds in my head in December….and so I moved to Chapter two of Cancer wanting to dance with me…..and my refusal and finally battle.

dancing nacheska

no partner named cancer


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