Keeping your Zen …that’s how you win…Dance through the Holidays

8 11 2012

ImageI feel amazing….I am psychedfor the holidays, traveling, belly dancing and playing with my friends and family….I LITERALLY FEEL ENERGIZED HEALTH through each cell….Ba-bye cancer…..hello dance, loving my honey and traveling to new adventures…going to Phoenix this weekend , next weekI start our Belly Dance with Nacheska into the holidays series…super  run way to play every day and let the speciql holiday “feelings” envelope us in love and warmth…check these classs workshops out

Week ofNovember 11thFeatured class workshop is

thankful Taqsim-From the smell of cinnamon in a morning drink  to the chill in th eair that blows the joyous holidays to us ,this class/workshop will be a welcoming mix of belly yoga styledtretches and the  graceful moves of middle eastern dance taqsimto put our minds and bodiesi nto  a joyful welcoming of the season; offerings of this  classwill be November 13th Tuesday morning at 9:30, November 13th Tuesday at 7:00. Satrday morning17th of November at 9;30 am…location 280 Sports building studio…limited space soRSVP today via email or call

Week of Novemer18th Shimmy into the Holidays  OK, admit it,we are thinking parties, events, galas and goodies…so this shimmy class will work off the treats before they settle anywhere…a hour of shimmy syles and combos…really great fun to get you stronger and leaner to upbeat drum rhythms… Dates and times: Monday the 18th of November 7:00, Tuesday a.m.the 19th at 9:30…bring your water  bottle0)  RSVP817.798.7185 Read the rest of this entry »

A little step back ….a large step forward

4 11 2012

OK I o ver did it a little with Halloween costume madness, children and grandchildren visiting, teaching and performing and got aheadache which caused my brain to swell a bit….but the poochie part of this was it all happened at the time of my birthday….but with some anti swelling steroid….I am back   to working on my health and going to Aruzona next week to add new stradegies to my arsenal… alovely healthy mountain setting

Yee hAW some more weapons and a holiday!!!!

Texas dancer heads to Arizona

The evil empire is not helping me heal but I am doing battle with every weapon…

15 10 2012

I grew this wheat grass

My little wheat grass mini farm

I have learned to beware of the weird manipulated science in our country right now and have become more of a naturalist because I value my life….and naturalists value and respect life….I want to live….though I have been told I may not…..per Mike Adams Health Ranger in an article…” There is no chemical the scientific poisoners do not think is safe to put on your skin or ingest into your body. Hydrofluosilicic acid — also mistakenly called “fluoride” — is perfectly safe to drink, they say. Chemotherapy is good for you and doesn’t make your hair fall out or damage your kidneys. Psychiatric drugs are more important than vitamins. Pharmaceuticals should be your nutrition! And your immune system is incomplete without vaccine intervention at the tip of a needle.

This “cult of scientism” believes that nature is a failure. Your body is a failure. That nothing good happens without chemical intervention. Crops won’t grow unless they’re GMO. The world will starve without bt insecticides being engineered into the kernels of corn. Humans would be extinct if not for vaccines and pharmaceuticals. There is no God. Instead, we should worship Monsanto, Dupont, Dow Chemical,Monsano, Merck, Pfizer, and all the other corporate giants that produce the chemicals we’re supposed to consume.

The “naturalists” seek to protect life
On the other side of this battleground are the naturalists. The protectors of life. People who have a home garden and know the value of open-pollinated seeds. People who eat real food, organic food, grown without toxic chemical pesticides, fungicides and synthetic fertilizer.

These people recognize the wisdom of nature; the self-healing potential of the human body; the value of nutrition; and the importance of protecting the environment in the interests of sustaining life on our planet. To the naturalists, playing God with seeds is a crime against nature. Injecting toddlers with mercury preservatives is a violation of basic human rights. Dumping toxic fluoride chemicals into the public water supply is a violation of not just law, but of the very principles of scientific medicine.
Lies are lies and even if you claim they are the truth, that does not put lipstick on a pig….this is a picture of mice that drank water with roundup in it, very ugly tumors  indeed….the weed killer folks think is safe….and another picture of my own little tiny wheat grass farm….something natural and pretty,…what would you choose?”-…I agree with Mike, we need to be smart consumers of what we put in ourselves and in our world and know who the evil empire is and fight it with the power of the Force of a good and clean world….

I am doing fine thank you very much

23 05 2012

Fun at Mayfest

Ok, so life handed me a shock with a cancer diagnosis  but I think it was more of a wake up call to learn what a truly healthy life is.  In this day of processed foods, radiation, free radicals and chaos…finding the way back to life and health is an adventure and education of its own….but well worth it….I just had an MRI and no growth (which is great news)….the cancer is not growing nor happy in my body of dancing health…and I remain a dancer free of cancer so take that Cancer POW!….I will not dance with you but I will dance.

Sad Statistics do not get me down

15 04 2012

bunnyRight now, more than 600,000 people are living with a brain tumor diagnosis—and each day, another 500 people are diagnosed. these diagnoses can turn worlds upside down.  I feel like I have the new job to heal and I am still there healing and feeling great…dancing and teaching,  and helping my customers party by putting them in the best costumes ever.

I am enjoying my life more, learning more than ever before about nutrition and am healing one day at a time…Wow, where did this crazy brain tumor come from…even all my research has not come up with a clear answer but there is a lot I can do and you can do…..A great website  for folks to understand this better is
Cancer you have scary statistics but you don’t scare me and I am learning and growing and fighting….

So this little bunny is not dancing with you Cancer

Beating you cancer and dancing through life…

13 03 2012

I am winning this battle day by day….thanks to alternative medicine gurus and strong women Dr. Gerson and Dr. Budwig….see or

These ladies have the right idea….make your body unreceptive to cancer growing ….there you are…live healthy to dance another day….and I am dancing and dancing but not with you cancer….because you are going away…..woo hoo!

No Cancer I will not dance with you, because I have Goddesses to dance with

5 03 2012

belly dance for fun1500 Americans die every day from cancer. There is something wrong with that considering how much money and thought is given to this disease but watch out, because I know breakthroughs are happening every day and I have changed my life and body to be unreceptive to cancer.
I have been teaching lots of great belly dance classes at girls nights out and batcherlorette parties and the joy and thrill of sharing this amazing beautiful art with new folks keeps all evil away (just another benefit of dance and specifically belly dance) Dance is joyous and good….so dance if you are struggling or down and poof! …things get better….and of course the work out can do you no wrong….if you love dance….dance will love you back


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